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How to Catalog an Antique Map Collection´╗┐


Cataloging an antique map collection is an essential part michael kors outlet store of map collecting. Using an efficient means of cataloging can give you remote access to all the essential elements of a map and help you make informed purchases in the future.Other People Are ReadingHow to Make a PDF Catalog in PhotoshopHow to Find CatalogsInstructions 1Familiarize yourself with the International Standard Book Description for Cartographic Material. This cataloging system is easily accessible and understandable, no matter what language you speak.2Decide whether you'd like to organize your antique map collection by using cartobibliography or the usual antique map cataloging system. Cartobibliography catalogs antique maps using only bear elements while a regular antique map cataloging system includes more descriptive manuscript data like condition, coloring and damage.3Set up a simple antique map cataloging database using spreadsheet or database software programs.4Type in all the elements that you would like to have in your catalog. Many antique map collectors include information such as the map's title, the cartographer's name, the map's date, the map's place of origin, subtitles, border information, height and width, scale, plate states, price and current location.5Add special notes to the descriptions of the antique maps. Some maps contain special notations about its history or other defining features.6Input all of your map's information into the electronic cataloging system.7Create a preface to your catalog. Include information about the maps and your history as a collector.8Sort your antique map collection electronically. Learn the different ways you may retrieve information michael kors outlet online.9Make a copy of your antique map catalog. Print the catalog or save it to a hard drive. Update your backup copies as your collection grows.Tips & WarningsConsider adding extra information to your catalog. Scans and digital photos of antique maps would be a welcome contribution to those who wish to virtually view the contents of your catalog. ´╗┐