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How to Change a Watch Band on a Gucci 2040 Watch


Watches can be expensive items, so it is important to take michael kors bags good care of them. If part of the strap becomes damaged or worn, then you need to replace it with a new strap. A Gucci 2040 watch has a leather strap which can be replaced by removing the spring bars that hold it to the watch face.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingHow to Tell If it Is a Real Gucci?How to Change a Watch Band on a Gucci WatchThings You'll NeedTowelSpring bar toolShow MoreInstructions 1Lay the Gucci watch face down on the towel.2Insert the forked tip of the spring bar tool between the case and the strap. Place the end between the shoulder of the spring bar and the case lock.3Compress the spring bar, applying pressure towards the strap and away from the case. Push down at the same time, so when the spring bar is compressed the strap instantly moves away from the case. Turn the watch around and repeat on the other end of the strap.4Insert spring bars in the slots on the new Gucci 2040 strap. Position the bars, so that an end protrudes from each side of the strap.5Orientate the straps to the watch face, so that they are the right way up for attachment. The buckle section should be attached to the 12 o'clock side and the open end to the 6 o'clock side.6Insert one end of the spring bar into the slot on the case. Use the forked end of the spring bar tool to compress the spring bar and then line it up with the opposite slot. Move the strap slightly until the spring bar clips into the slot. Repeat the process on the  michael kors outlet store other side.